Imprisoned O.J. Simpson Faces Foreclosure

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Imprisoned O.J. simpson faces foreclosure It may or may not come as a surprise to any of the children who might care that the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine is all abuzz and atwitter today over the news that once beloved but now.

O.J. Simpson freed from prison. Right now, he’s staying near Vegas but will he return to Florida?. Simpson faces restrictions during five years of parole supervision, which could be reduced.

A Nevada prison official said early Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, O.J. Simpson. O.J. Simpson has an estimated. If all goes according to schedule, Simpson could be a free man as early as October 1, 2017. Back in 2008, he was sentenced to a minimum of nine years and a maximum of. OJ simpson freed; parole official says he’ll live in Vegas.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As if being in prison wasn’t bad enough. O.J. Simpson’s life has taken another sour turn: He’s now facing foreclosure on his Kendall, Fla. home. Simpson’s mortgage lender, JP.

MIAMI — Like tens of thousands of other Florida homeowners, imprisoned former football star O.J. Simpson is in danger of losing his house to foreclosure. miami-dade circuit court records show that

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Imprisoned O.J. Simpson Faces Foreclosure. By Mark david. mister simpson, controversially acquitted of the brutal murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and man-pal ron goldman back in 1995, is currently holed up in the hoosegow in Lovelock, NV where he’s about 5 years into a 9-33 year.

MIAMI (AP) – A bank is foreclosing on the Florida home of O.J. Simpson, who is serving time in a Nevada prison for kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges. Miami-Dade Circuit Court records show.