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A condominium, is concept similar to an apartment , but the word is not legally recognised in India. The model of a condo can be set up under the apartments act itself. Only difference being the allotment of a property management firm for its upkeep and allied services.

Full Answer. When a buyer stops paying his condo fees, the planned unit development rider shifts the payment obligation from the owner to the bank holding the unit’s mortgage. The bank, after reviewing the matter, can then add the owed dues onto the existing loan. The rider thus allows the community’s ownership to step in and notify.

 · What are the differences between HOAs and Condominiums Associations? March 25, 2013 . There are two types of associations in Tennessee, homeowners associations and condominium associations. While there are many similarities between the two, there are important differences. These differences impact how the association act and what they can and.

PUD Project Definition. A PUD is a project or subdivision that consists of common property and improvements that are owned and maintained by an HOA for the benefit and use of the individual pud units. For a project to qualify as a PUD for the purposes of this policy, all of the following requirements must be met: each.

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The main difference between a single-family home and a planned unit development is the legal structure. With a single-family home, you’re on your own. Mowing your lawn, shoveling snow, and any other type of maintenance or repair will fall squarely on your shoulders. A PUD, on the other hand,

PUD vs. Condominium. by Reed Colwick on June 2, 2011. Did you know there are differences between these two that could potentially make one un-financeable in today’s economy? First, what is a PUD? PUD stands for a Planned Unit Development. This type of development is used to describe a.

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It is a ( ) Condominium, or ( ) a Planned Unit Development (PUD). 2. If the project was (or is being) created by the conversion of an existing building, please provide the following: