LPS: Foreclosure Backlog Stands at 30x Foreclosure Sales Volume

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Lender Processing Services (LPS) estimates that, given the backlog of foreclosure processing, there may be as much as 30x the monthly sales volume of already foreclosed homes. The february mortgage monitor report shows that both delinquencies and foreclosures starts have declined steadily over the last year, but a major reason for the backlog.

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This ââ¬Å”performing assetââ¬Â is often an equity interest in the entity acquiring the OREO or a trade for a large volume of loans such as. collateral acquired through or in lieu of foreclosure.

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Lender Processing Services’ (lps) latest market report says foreclosure starts jumped 28 percent between December and January, and foreclosure sales soared 29 percent. "While one month of data does not necessarily indicate a trend, this surge could suggest the backlogged foreclosure pipeline is beginning to move," LPS said in its report.

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The statistics on the homes not yet owned by the banks but are currently IN the foreclosure process are also staggering, with LPS reporting that the average loan currently in foreclosure has been delinquent for 537 days, and 30 percent of loans in foreclosure have not made payments in more than two years.