Windows 7 – Disable Remote Registry Access Click on Start > Run > Type "services.msc". In the Services window that opens, search for the following entry in the the right pane:. Double-click on it and set its Startup type as "Disabled".

Time and time again you may have the need to access something in a remote computer’s registry. This recently was the case for me so I decided to script it up and put it in a function. If you need to Remotely Enable RemoteRegistry Service than take a few minutes to copy this script and save it to the location of your choice.

The installer will also modify your Windows registry settings, so if you’re not comfortable. There’s also an Uninstaller.cmd file included in the utilities. Liliputing’s primary sources of revenue.

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To enable ActiveX scripting and controls on Internet Explorer, perform the following steps: The above options will each have all or some of the following radio buttons: Disable. to change the UFI.

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To disable the Windows Remote Registry Service, follow the steps below: Open the " Start " menu, click " Run ", type " services.msc " into the command field. In the right pane of the " Services " window, navigate through the options, Choose " Disabled " as the Startup type. If the service is.

For Windows 8 and 2012 Server and above The Remote Registry service is set up to be only turned on by a specific trigger so that it doesn’t use up resources. If you want to remove the trigger from this service so that PRTG can always read the data for sensors, you will have to open a command prompt with Admin privileges and enter in the.

To stop the remote registry service and set it to the disabled state, from the windows 7 command prompt, type: sc \\remote-computer stop remoteregistry sc \\ remote-computer config RemoteRegistry start= disabled

How to correct issue 1: Disable Multicast Name Resolution in group policy as. Fix: Either by group policy preference or manual registry key insert, you will need to create the following registry.