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That’s why we equipped you with these tools and resources so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Northwest Arkansas Home Buyer’s Resource Our in-house lender, Gateway Mortgage has a very handy group of calculators that you will need when crunching the numbers on your new home.

Attracting homebuyers during the holidays on top of all the other activities can be stressful. We put together 9 tips to help home sellers make the best of it. December through January is considered the worst time to try and sell a home. Don’t let the thought of selling a home during the winter months dampen holiday spirits.

I used to think staging meant cleaning up your house and making it look clean and picture perfect. After selling two homes, reading a book on staging, and now working in the real estate world, I realize staging is so much more. It is creating a pretend home atmosphere, just like set designers do on a theater stage.

California lenders cannot charge late fees until 10 days after the mortgage payment is due, so you have a couple of weeks grace to make the payment before any penalties kick in. The credit bureaus are not usually informed of late payments until the payment is 30 days past due.

How to stage and sell your home during the holidays By Contributor Font size : ‘Tis the season for jingle bells, snowmen and cheer – but for those trying to sell their homes, listing during the holidays presents unique challenges.

What could save you a few dollars now could cost you far more in the long run if your mortgage payments will be higher. And along those same lines, "Don’t overspend during the holiday season," says Dean Sioukas founder of Magilla Loans, an online lending exchange. "Especially on impulse purchases that can be tempting during the holidays."

Holiday home mortgages have a reputation for being difficult to arrange, but – depending on your circumstances – it should be perfectly possible to sort out financing, whether you’re looking to buy in the UK or overseas.. The type of mortgage you need and where you get it from will depend on how you intend to use the holiday home, as well as the country it’s located in.

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