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Getting pre-approved for a mortgage gives you peace of mind, but it also locks the interest rate in for a designated length of time. This means that even if interest rates rise, you will be guaranteed the rate on your pre-approval. Getting all the paperwork out of the way leaves you free to look at homes and know that you can buy with confidence.

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With preapproval, you‘ve basically arranged for your mortgage financing. While you don’t have to worry as much about the deal falling through at the end because of not qualifying for a home loan, preapproval in no way guarantees that the lender will give you the loan, according to The Mortgage Professor.

I hate to be the cause of any marital discord, but your husband is right on this one. You can certainly be denied for a mortgage loan after being pre-approved for it. The main difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval has to do with the level of scrutiny — not the level of certainty.

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Tom Axon’s mortgage-collection firm gets about 25 calls a day from delinquent homeowners’ brokers seeking approval to sell their houses for a loss and avoid foreclosure. which owes secured lenders.

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 · Secure Your Pre-Approval Before Home Shopping.. It will prevent you from investing a lot of time in finding a home, and offering on one, only to be disappointed that your mortgage wasn’t.

When you get the mortgage pre approval you are under impression that the bank has to provide you the funds for approved amount. But it’s crucial to remember that it doesn’t work like that and there are few things that can change the mortgage approval process and actually result if denial.